Any issue that you might have with the software can be easily resolved from our support team by simply contacting us through email. We will be happy to help and explain you any of your concerns regarding the software. If the issue cannot be resolved in the current version we will fix it and add it in the next update of the application that you will get automatically through the app store.

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Embroidery browser

The embroidery browser lists all the available embroidery designs that you have downloaded in the app or you can purchase from the market. There are Free and Purchasable packages that you can download for free or buy them from the app store respectively.
All designs are categorized and allow you to filter them by Category or Author. For example, be selecting a category, only the embroidery designs that belong to this category will appear in the list.

DRAWings SNAP Browser Preview
DRAWings SNAP in ipad Embroidery categories Purchased designs Market designs Scroll down to view more Search bar, Author filter

Embroidery viewer

Every design can be previewed in a 3D photo realistic fabric background, where you have the ability to change the thread palette, the color to every object, the fabric type and the fabric color. You can also send the threads' list that you will use through email and prepare easily your shopping list.
Also you can Zoom in and Zoom out with two finger gestures or with the available slide bar, Undo and Redo any change you make, export the previewed design to the preferred stitch file format, view the actual size of the design or fit it to the screen, measure your designs and filter the Thread palettes you want to view and use. Finally you have a photorealistic, real-time simulation of the stitching process, with machine’s speed adjustment option and “move frame” ability.

DRAWings SNAP Embroidery design Viewer
Undo, Redo, Export design Change fabric 3D preview of the embroidery Thead color selection area Used threads Available tools Select Thread palette - Send email Back to browser, View options

iPhone version

Similarly with the iPad version there is the iPhone/iPod version of the app which has the same exactly functionality in smaller scale.

DRAWings SNAP Browser Preview
Undo, Redo, Export design Embroidery categories 3D preview of the embroidery Used fabric and threads Available designs Available tools Thead color selection area Browse packages